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My name is Sophie Korthuijs and I am 19 years old.
After I figure skated at a high level, I came into contact with golf at the age of 11.
After a few months I was selected for the Dutch youth selection (NGF), when I was 14 I moved on to the Dutch Juniors.

2019 was a breakthrough year for me after I became 5th at the Dutch National Championships up to and including 21, I was selected for the European team Championchip u18, there I became 7th individually. Then came more international competitions where I performed well: Dutch junior open 4th, English girls U 16 10th, British girls U 18 17th. This put me in 18th place on the European golf ranking.

That came to an end in September, I developed an eating disorder. Physically I was no longer able to play golf, after 1.5 years I met Leontien van Moorsel. She got me back on track mentally and physically. When I was physically strengthened again, I came into contact with golf again through Fernand Osther (golf professional on crossmoor). Many people say: golf is like cycling, you don't forget it. That was not the case in this case…. Everything was different, and had to start again from the beginning. Through his help and advice I slowly got back into the golf world.

The first game I played was level par, which qualified me for the Dutch National Championship and other competitions in the Netherlands. Shortly afterwards I had a 15th place in Belgium, 6th Dutch National U 21. This confirmed that I wanted to continue, back to the top. But it all seemed better than expected, I was back on the list of participants. But I wasn't at the top of the leaderboard. It's hard to see yourself barely making the cut when a few years ago it didn't even cross my mind not to be at the top of the leaderboard. Everything was different, the recovery from anorexia was also very disappointing. All the care providers I spoke to before I had Leontien said that everything would be fine again when you are at a healthy weight. That's not right at all. My life seemed worse, I saw my golf game like I had never seen it before, unexpectedly 2 more re-exams.

Finally I decided to change things: I started working to earn some extra money to play the several tournaments in 2023 to get back to the top in Europe and I switched coaches. I had to have a mental coach who would honestly sit down with me on whether it was realistic to think if I can come back and what it takes to do so. My coach is now Floris Vos, he is my mental coach and at the same time my golf pro. In addition, he works with LPGA coach David Dickmeiss to get the best out of it technically. I see him a few times a year and in the meantime I let Floris sharpen it up.


I've never had such a good off-season. Technically, mentally and physically it's all good for this time of year. After a learning year like 2022, I won my first tournament in Portugal on February 7 (Portuguese Intercollegiate open)! The following week 2nd in the Atlantic youth trophy up to 21.
This allowed me to make a plan. In 2023-2024 I have a gap year, I want to play as many foreign matches as possible, such as the let access. In August 2024 I want to go to America via a scholarship, study there (child law / political science) and get the best out of my golf game. From there I want to play Q-school for the LPGA in 2028.

Do you want to stay informed about my achievements and support me?
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Love Sophie




International results

  • 16th place European club trophy 2023
  • Overall win German Junior Masters 2023
  • Second place Atlantic Youth Trophy U23 2023
  • Overall win Portuguese Intercollegiate Open 2023
  • 15th place Grandprix de Waterloo 2022
  • 17th place British Girls U18 2019
  • 10th place English girls U16 2019
  • 5th place European Girls Team Championship u18 (Dutch National Team) 2019
  • 7th place individual European Girls Team Championship u18 2019
  • 22nd place Belgian International Championship u14 2017

Dutch national results

  • T7 Dutch National Open 2023
  • T7 Dutch Amateur Championship 2023
  • T7 Dutch National Strokeplay Championship 2023
  • Runner-up Dutch National Matchplay u21 championship
  • Winner Holbox junior open u 24 2023
  • T5 Dutch National Matchplay Championship 2023
  • T9 place Dutch National Championship U 21 2023
  • Third place NGF spring contest 2023
  • 11th place Dutch National Strokeplay Championship 2022
  • T9 Dutch National Matchplay Championship 2022
  • T6 place Dutch National Championship U 21 2022
  • T5 Dutch national matchplay U21 championship 2021
  • Club strokeplay champion 2020 U 21 2022
  • 2nd place Dutch Spring-competition 2019
  • 5th place Dutch National Championship U 21 2019
  • 6th place Dutch National Championship U 18 2019
  • 7th place individual European Girls Team Championship u18 2019
  • 4th place Dutch Junior Open 2019
  • Winner overall Dutch US kids tour 2018
  • Overall winner Dutch challenge tour 2018
  • 4th place Dutch National Championship U 16 2018
  • 6th place Dutch National Championship U 13 2016
  • 2nd place overall Dutch mini tour U 12 2016

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