124 days to go

  124 days to go ✈️ Ball State Women’s Golf 🇺🇸 Geplaatst door Sophie Korthuijs op Vrijdag 12 april 2024

Competition 2024 day 3

From rainy Moyland 🇩🇪 to sunny Hilversum 🇳🇱 COMPETITION DAY 3 We won 18-0 🏆

Third place Junior Golf Masters Moyland 2024

3rd place 🥉 Moyland International Open 🇩🇪 Tough weather 💨🌧️⛈️🌩️ Not the best game I ever played, some unnecessary mistakes from the tee and on the green. ☠️ ⛳️ : (-2,+4, +3) Few weeks to get my game ready for the next tournament.

Second place German international golf masters 2024

2nd place🥈 German international golf masters 🇩🇪 Leader after day 1 and 2, but my game wasn’t good enough the last day. ⛳️Scores: PAR / -2 / +7 🌤️⛅️🌥️🌧️💨 Few days in the Netherlands for some practice🔥 Next week 🔙 to Germany 🏌🏾‍♀️

Check this out!

CHECK THIS Thank you coach Cameron Andry ! https://ballstatesports.com/…/29/WGolf_Korthuijs.aspx…

Signed Ball State University

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16th place European club trophy 2023

European club trophy 2023  Great event, beautiful course  Unfortunately I was sick the last round (today)  ,not the best game I ever played. Result: Individual 16th Team GC Houtrak 10th Overall happy with the progress in my long game. Only putting needs some improvement. Thank you @ega_golf @pravetsgolfclub for everything

European Club Trophy next week!

European Club Trophy next week! Looking forward to play one of the best golfcourses in Bulgaria.  European Golf Association Team Houtrak 🩵 Houtrak Golf Academy  Pravets Golf Club

7th place ‘Nederlands Staatsloterij Open’ 2023

7th place ‘Nederlands Staatsloterij Open’   Hard time on the course this week. Unfortunately dropped from the third to seventh place. Never have seen my game so bad this year . My putting messed up all of my rounds   Time to practice.

Committed Ball State University fall 2024

@ballstatewgolf 🇺🇸 ✔️ COMMITTED #fall2024 Division 1 NCAA @ncaagolfcommits 🩵 📍Indiana #cardinals 🦅👌🏼 Happy to announce I will be part of the Ball state womens golf team in the fall of 2024! So many thanks to coach @cameron.andry who will give me all the opportunities to achieve my goals! @slamstox 🇳🇱